The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”~John Wayne

This is my “baby” on her horse “Cupcake” (yes, I know…what a name for a beautiful red mare…we will talk more about her name later). Did you notice the brace that K.D. has on her knee? She tore her ACL and had to have surgery about six months before this picture was taken. This was her first horse show since the injury. This crisp fall day was filled with fear, anxiety and a lot of anticipation not only for her, but her biggest fan…me! That is kind of how I feel making my first post on my blog! It’s funny how we tell our kids to “get back in the saddle”, when it is so difficult to get up there ourselves! With every birthday that rolls around, my attempts to try something new seems to fall by the wayside. I was just talking to my SIL (sister in law) about trying new things…she would love to start a new career, but is concerned about her age. Funny thing is, I don’t see her as a number. When I think of her, I think how smart and capable of doing anything that she wants to do. I hope that others look at me and think the same thing. I hope that this blog will encourage you…no matter your age…to just take that first step and get back into the saddle, or take that first riding lesson! CHEERS!

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