Small Business Revolution

The Holy Cross Abbey 2019

Life is pretty exciting for my hometown, Canon City, CO.  Small Business Revolution, a HULU television show, will announce tomorrow, who the winner of the $500,000 grand prize goes to. Canon City was one of six small towns that made it to the final round.  The citizens of this great town have been on a mission to impress and wow the show’s host and co-host Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington.  This is Canon City’s opportunity to revitalize main street.

Canon City already is known for many tourists’ attractions: Royal Gorge Bridge, Royal Gorge Route Railroad, Skyline Drive, The Winery at the Holy Cross Abbey, Robison Mansion, rafting the Arkansas River and several wonderful restaurants. Okay, I do have to mention the elephant in the room…..Fremont County is also known for the many state and federal correctional facilities. (By the way, without these institutions many of our neighbors would not be employed…including several of my family members.)

I think what is most exciting about all of this, is what everyone did together to get Canon City to the top six.  Nobody stood back because they wouldn’t reap any of the benefits of winning the grand prize.  They all pitched in where they were needed. There is an excitement in the air. If Canon City wins or loses….all of us have won.  It is like watching a feel-good movie about the underdog. Whether the underdog comes out better in the end or not, we all fall in love with the character.  I believe that the residents have all fallen in love with Canon City all over again.  Oh, I forgot to mention…rock legend Billy Joel and singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey have endorsed Canon City…..I think that says it all for my hometown and the people living here.  CHEERS!!!

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