Thank You Ladies!!

When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all our hands.” -Maria Shriver

My Trusty Companion

We all have that one friend, you know the one…. you hate thinking about spending time with them, but afterwards you are glad that you did.  They push you to your limits. You dread the entire day knowing that you need to spend just 30 minutes to an hour with them, but when the time is over, you feel refreshed, energized and ready to go another hour. Then you realize how important it is for your health and well-being to have this relationship.

 OK…I really don’t have any friends that I dread spending time with.  I am talking about my 10-year-old treadmill that I have bonded with over the years. I have a love-hate relationship with my work-out companion.  My “treadmill” listens to my singing, tolerates my messy hair and outfit that doesn’t quite match because I am exercising in the privacy of my home. I have tripped, skipped, hopped and fallen off that rolling machine. I have quit after 15 minutes of walking/running because of my lack of ambition and I can just flip the switch off without feeling guilty.  I never worry about being judged, ridiculed or laughed at. I know that someday soon I will have to replace this trusty confidant. I hope that I can find one that supports my lack of will power and motivation on certain days and ignores my wogging skills when walking isn’t enough, and running is too much.

Honestly, explaining my relationship with my treadmill does sound like my BFF’s, my tribe, my small but very loyal circle.  Most of these peeps have known me for more than 30 years and many of them have never met each other.  All these girls became my friend during different chapters of my life; middle school (ugh), high school, work, marriage, 4-H and through my children.  They have seen me at my best and hugged me at my worst. They haven’t “unfriended” me because I didn’t “like” a post but feel comfortable calling me out when it is necessary. They “get” my humor and still like me. We have laughed about prank calls, flash dance moves, eating dog biscuits, and falling off a treadmill (while walking backwards).  Along with many good times, we have supported each other through the difficult times; moving, divorces, sickness, the loss of loved ones. I can say that I feel comfortable in my shoes with all of them (and yes, they have heard me sing).  Even though my treadmill and I have spent many hours together….it can be replaced. Not one of my BFF’s can be replaced, they are all pieces that fit into my crazy life. Thank you ladies….…Cheers!!

16 thoughts on “Thank You Ladies!!

  1. Vic – another great blog!! I just love reading your blog – and look forward to each new one!! Thanks for sharing your talent w/us – and I promise not to tell the story of you falling off the treadmill!!!

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  2. Vicki this story makes me remember a story. One time you was on your treadmill we was chatting on the phone. All of a sudden I heard a whooooooops then silences for a few seconds. Some how you had went flying off the back of your treadmill. The thump I heard was you landing. I think you tore your hamstring.
    To this day every time Vicki says it’s time to walk fear sets in until she’s off that dangerous machine and safe on the floor (standing of course) love you

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  3. Remember those 30 second exercise machines that you work at for Judy and mom and I came in to get our workout on!!!!!! I think about those often. Lol. Love ya Vicki

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  4. I’ve loved all of your posts so far, Vicki. They really touch on so many relatable subjects (not like I’ve ever fallen off a treadmill or anything… Haha!) Seriously great writing and I can’t wait until your next post! 🙂

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